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Partnering with Tessafold means long-term, reliable and transparent collaboration with an agile and experienced team. We deliver cost-effective solutions and success stories, leveraging modern technologies for your business growth

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We offer web and mobile development, data science, and AI services. Our team of professionals delivers innovative solutions using the latest technologies and development methodologies. We provide high-quality work and exceptional customer service.
Web & Mobile App Development

Web development services involve creating and maintaining websites, web applications, and online platforms for businesses and individuals.

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AI & Data Science

Mobile development services involve designing and developing mobile applications for various operating systems, including iOS and Android, to enhance user experience and engagement.

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Web3 & Blockchain

Data science and AI services analyze large data sets using advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide valuable insights and predictions for businesses and organizations.

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Staff Augmentation

We truly master our know-how to build client-centric customized robust, user friendly and cost efficient apps that meet your business goals.

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Our Projects

Nouri Application

Nouri applications let users nourishing their relationships with their connections and circles using all the implemented apps and catching up with them all inside the CRM.

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